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K2 Waterwerx, LLC. uses state of the art power washing equipment

We use a Hot Water Pressure Washing system. The reasons that we use a hot water pressure washing system are:

Hot water packs a powerful energetic punch when released into the cleaning equation. This energy also causes a reduction in the water’s surface tension allowing it to easily and more effectively penetrate the molecules of grease and grime.

Actually, there are three key elements to a hot water pressure washer —heat, agitation and soap—that successfully remove grease and grime. Here’s how they work:

  • Heat, as described above, creates a high-speed molecular action that causes the cleaning agent to be more active and reduces water’s surface tension so it can effectively penetrate grime at the molecular level.

  • Agitation is the impact that comes from the water volume and water pressure hitting the surface—similar to the action of hand scrubbing the dinner plate in your kitchen sink.

  • Soap (often referred to by pressure washer users as “detergent”) chemically breaks the bond between dirt and the surface. It starts when the molecules of oil and grease attach themselves to dirt and keep them trapped or bound to the surface. Detergents use softening agents, technically referred to as “surfactants” (an abbreviation for “surface active reagents”) to emulsify the oil and grease—this is the process in which two or more immiscible liquids, like oil and water, no longer repel each other but actually mix. Once the oil and water are able to mix forming an emulsion, the dirt—still clinging to the oil and grease—is carried away in the wash water.

So what does all of this have to do with a hot water pressure washer?
Hot water pressure washers bring together a perfect balance of all three of these key elements—heat, agitation and soap—to deliver a pressure cleaning knockout punch. (From HOTSY corporate site)


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